What is BO Account?

The elaboration of BO account means Beneficiary Owners account. This account is opened with Central Depository Bangladesh Limited (CDBL) through a Depository Participant (DP).

What is customer account?

An investor needs to open an account with a broker to transact shares and listed securities. This account is identified as customer account.

Do I need to pay any renewal fee for BO Account?

A BO account holder have to pay a total of Tk. 500.00 (Taka Five hundred) each year to renew the account. Usually the renewal fee is collected in the month of June every year.

Do I need to pay any renewal fee for customer account?

Renewal fee for customer account is depended on terms and conditions set by a broker while opening customer account. Adil Securities Limited does not charge any renewal fee on customer accounts.

What will happen to my BO Account if I do not pay renewal fee?

If renewal fee is not paid the concerned authority may close your account.

If I hold shares in a BO Account still do I need to pay renewal fee? If I do not pay what will happen to my shares?

Yes, even if you hold shares in your BO Account you need to pay renewal fee. If you do not pay renewal fee your account will be suspended and will be reactivated upon payment of renewal fee.

Do I need to pay renewal fee even if I have cash balance in my customer account?

You need to pay your renewal fee if you have cash balance less than Tk. 1000.00 in your account.

What supporting documents do I need to open a BO Account/Customer account?

In case of Individual/Joint account- In (In case of Non-resident Bangladesh (individual/joint)

What is NRB BO Account?

When a Bangladeshi resident lives abroad for any purpose he is identified as Non-resident Bangladeshi (NRB) and when he/she wants to open a BO Account it is called NRB BO Account.

What do I need to do to avail online trading service of Adil Securities Limited?

To avail online trading you have to collect a form from Corporate Head Office of Adil Securities Limited. After returning the form after properly filling up the fields you will be instructed how to trade online.

What do I need to do to see online my portfolio and trade confirmation through?

You should collect a form from any of the branches of Adil Securities Limited and once the form is returned to IT department of Adil Securities Limited you will be given a username and password to see your portfolio th

What is a cash account?

In cash account you are not given any margin facility to trade securities. You have to trade

What is a margin account?

In a margin account you are given extra purchase power above your own deposit. The ratio of your own deposit and margin may be set time to time by Adil Securities Ltd in line with SEC directive.

What do I need to do to open a margin account?

You need to fill up a form for margin account separately and other related documents to open a margin account. You can know more about this from margin department.

Can I authorize any person to trade on behalf of me?

Yes you can authorize anyone to trade on behalf of you.

Can my authorized person in the account opening form collect fund withdrawal cheques

The authorized person for trading your securities are not entitled to place any fund withdrawal request or to collect any cheque from your account. However once you place any fund withdrawal request, the authorized person may collect your cheque with authorization letter signed by account holder.

What do I need to do to subscribe right shares?

Once the right share is approved by SEC the company will send you a right offer document and a right subscription form will be provided. After filling the required forms and depositing money to respective bank the company may credit the shares in your BO account when the processing is complete.

What do I need to do to get my stock dividend in my account?

You do not need to do anything to get your stock dividend in your account. Once the dividend is credited it will show up in your portfolio statement.

When any company declares cash dividend how can I collect cash dividends?

Whenever the company approves cash dividend in annual general meeting it may credit the cash dividend directly into your bank account provided with your BO account.

What do I need to do to attend AGM/EGM declared by listed companies?

If you hold a share in your account on the record date for AGM/EGM then you can attend the AGM/EGM. You may need the BO account number at the AGM/EGM venue. You may also need to sign attendance register and the signature must match with the signature at BO form.